WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are our customizable friends. They help us to put information in places like sidebars and footers. Learn how to set up your widgets like a pro, even if you are a beginner! This will make your page look better and allow you to use your theme to style them.

Before I go further down the page, I am assuming you set up your blog in three columns. If you didn’t, it is no problem. I have a small sidebar column on the left (Left Sidebar) and another on the right (Right Sidebar). The center column self adjust to the width of the screen. Now before we get into setting colors and stuff in these areas, let’s set up our widgets.

WordPress Widgets

Note: This page is being rewritten.  It is now based on the obsolete TuKod (Atahualpa) themes, which we recommend against using. Check back as we rewrite this page to addresses  WordPress Widgets of modern themes.

If you have NO WordPress Widgets enables, WordPress by default puts a few widgets in for us automatically! I have heard of people who spent days trying to remove these! They disappear automatically as soon as you set your own widgets!

On your Left (column) Sidebar you will likely have a text box filled with some garbage. Under that you may see the menus:

  • Categories
  • Archives

In the Right (column) Sidebar you will likely see at least these menus:

  • Recent Posts
  • Blogroll
  • Meta

We are going to now past in those same Menu Items and set up all the other Widgets.

Widgets Page

The Widgets Page is right above the Theme Options and on the Appearance Menu.

When you open this in TuKod (Atahualpa), you will notice to the right there are four columns:

  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Inner Sidebar
  • Right Inner Sidebar

At the bottom there is an area called, “Inactive Widgets”, that is where we will be getting our widgets from for now.

Some widgets may have color options. If you did not read it already, you should read the post Choosing Website Colors (Money.M143.Net)

Left Sidebar

If it is not already open, you can open the Left Sidebar by just clicking on the bar (name). Click and it opens to show you what is (or isn’t) in it. Click again and it closes. So if it is closed you can open it by clicking the Bar (where it says “Left Sidebar”). And if it is open you can close it bu clicking in the same place!

Now open the Left Sidebar. With your mouse, you will drag three widgets from the “Inactive Widgets” into the Left Sidebar. They are:

  • Text
  • Categories
  • Archives

Right Sidebar

We will open the Right Sidebar and drag WordPress Widgets into it as well.

  • Recent Posts
  • Links
  • Meta

Remember to take these from the “Inactive Widgets” box at the bottom of the page.

Inactive Widgets

Now take all the rest of the Widgets from the “Inactive Widgets” box and, one by one, drag them to the bottom of the Right Sidebar. Now you can view your page and decide what to do with each of these widgets. Use it, modify it, or delete it.

Widget Options

On the right of each widget there is a down arrow. Clicking it will open the widget. There you can modify how the widget works, or delete it! If you modify a widget, don’t forget to “Save” it!

We are now set up to style our widgets, as well as to add some tools like a flag counter, or AdSense Ads into our widgets area.


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