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I am using the TuKod Theme. The TuKod Theme is a fork from the Atahualpa theme, so most things I write will also work in Atahualpa (and they work perfectly in TuKod!). However, uploading Header Images, Favicons and Logos are very easy in Tukod. That is what this post is all about.

I am going to adjust the Header Logo. I am starting with the default, so this should be rather straight forward. First I open the TuKod Theme Options. Find the “Header Area” section and click on “Style & edit HEADER AREA”

I am going to be making just one adjustments here: The “Show Logo Image?” Two Boxes below the top!

Note: Atahualpa requires you upload Logos via FTP!

Upload the Logo

Before I got here, I created my logo image. It is 80×75 px. I went to Pages, opened my “About” page (where I keep all my site images), and clicked on “Add an Image” icon Add an Image Icon It is just above the main Page edit window, right next to where it says “Upload/Insert”.

Money Making Entrepreneur

Money Making Entrepreneur

At the end of uploading your logo, look for where it says, “Link URL”. Click the button the says “File URL” and copy the location just above it…

Mine says something like…


Because my files are for the Money Making Entrepreneur (www.MoneyMakingEntrepreneur.E143.Net)


Show Logo Image?

Time to make the first Header Adjustment. Paste the “Link URL” you copied into the “Show Logo Image?” on the above stated theme page. Save your work and view your website, you should see your logo now!

Recap: We got our Logo uploaded and in the Right Place!

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