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I am using the TuKod Theme. TuKod is a fork from the Atahualpa theme, so this may or may not work in Atahualpa (it works perfectly in TuKod!). I am going to adjust the Header Layout. I am starting with the default so this should be rather straight forward. First I open the TuKod / Atahualpa Theme Options. Find the “Header Area” section and click on “Style & edit HEADER AREA”

I am going to be making just one adjustments here: The “Configure Header Area”, which is at the top of the page. The adjustment I had on this page is now moved to its own page because it is a feature only TuKod has (It does not work in Atahualpa). It is uploading and configuring the TuKod Theme Header Logo (Money.M143.Net)

Note: Atahualpa requires you upload Logos via FTP!

Money Making Entrepreneur

Money Making Entrepreneur

Configure Header Area

Now, go back in the the TuKod (Atahualpa) options. We will “Configure Header Area.” What does this do? Well, just think of the header as a Stack of smaller headers. They do different things and look a little different ways, but still it is a Stack of smaller headers. Each smaller header goes from one side to the other, so they stack nicely! So let’s first understand my default.

%pages %logo %bar1 %image %bar2

The meaning of each of those is listed there, and you can read them if you like. Basically it means the Page Menu (%pages) is at the very top! Underneath the Page Menu is %logo, that is your Logo Bar. The Logo Bar includes the logo icon, the blog title & description, the search box and maybe the RSS/Email icons.

Under both the Page Menu and the Logo Bar, is a Decoration Bar, %bar1, then your site Header Images, %image, and finally another Decoration Bar, %bar2.

That is what is meant by “%pages %logo %bar1 %image %bar2” – It is pretty simple stuff.

Note: Remember that my files are designed for the Money Making Entrepreneur (Money.M143.Net)

Category Menu

If you notice there is no Category Menu (bar). I am planing to use one so I look it up and I find there are three versions:

  • %cats
  • %cat-center
  • %cat-right

I don’t know, if it was me, I would have named the first one %cat-left because that is what it is! But anyway, here we have the Category menu, left, or center, or right!

I decided to use the right category menu or %cat-right. That means my pull downs will start on the right and increase to the left. That is just the opposite of the default Page Menu I will still use.

I also decided to use the Page Menu and the Category Menu in place of Decoration Bars above and below my Header Images, so I do not need either of the Decoration Bars %bar1 or %bar2.

%logo %pages %image %cat-right

So that is my new Stack of headers and that is what I will paste into “Configure Header Area”.

I just pasted it, and checked my blog! Sure enough, the order of things has changed. I now have the Logo Bar Stack at the top, then the Page Menu Stack, followed beneath by the Header Image(s) Stack and then finally on the bottom is my Category Menu Stack! Perfect!

Do not worry about the colors yet, nor the exact positioning, we are just trying to get the order of the Header Layout Correct, and we did that!

Recap: We got our Logo uploaded and our Header Layout in the Right Stack Order!


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