Theme Wrap-Up

Our Money Making Entrepreneur site running the Tukod / Atahualpa Theme is starting to look pretty good. Just a couple more things in the center column and it will be complete… I want the change the link colors on the post for multi-pages. Also make it bold. Then change the footer background and finally the background for the comment box. All of these are currently gray. So let’s get going…

Post & Pages => Style POSTS & PAGES =>

I changed the color to:
color: #417721;
and added…
font-weight: bold;

HEADLINE Box: Links: Hover
I left it black and just added…
font-weight: bold;

On the same page for the footer background I added…
background: #e9ffd9;

Comments => Style & configure COMMENTS

Comment Form Style
background: #e9ffd9;

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