SEO Writing a Quality Original Post – Posting Tips

How Long should your post be? Where do you get your words? Is spelling and grammar important? All good questions you will get the answer to in this post!

I started the title of this post with the initialism SEO for a reason. Most people want their posts to be picked up by Search Engines like Google and Bing.  So let me start with the tried and true three most import items you need in your post…

  1. Content

  2. Content

  3. Content

I am certain you have heard this over and over and over again.  So I will add a few more…



In my title I used the word Original.  If everything on your post is copied from Wikipedia or some other site, you have added no original content to the Internet.  Shame on you!  Your message needs to be original.

Now that does not mean it does not cover the same information someone else does.  It means you write it in a different way – an ORIGINAL way.  CNN, ABC, AP, ABS-CBN, UP, HLN, FOX, all covered the Typhoon Yolanda, but they did it in their own way!

When I search for information I often open up a dozen different websites about my topic.  Frankly I often do not understand the way a number of them explain the topic.  Often I realize they do not understand either!  But then comes that post that is crystal clear!  Just what I needed.

Your way may be the post that is perfectly clear, or clear as mud (and copied from someone else!).  So understand your topic, test your results, and be ORIGINAL!



I have seen a beautiful website that was all original photos.
I was impressed!

The owner of that beautiful original website was frustrated and upset because it seemed he could not get a search engine to ever list his website on the SERP’s.  Why?


See that “http” at the beginning of my website address?  It stands for Hyper TEXT Transfer Protocol. Webpages are made out of Text and Search Engines read Text!  In fact your whole website is written in some form of Hyper TEXT Markup Language! There is that word again!  Text.

So prepare to write (more about how much later…).



Google and Bing know more than you think.  Do not copy! But also use correct spelling and grammar!

Most of us are not naturally fantastic spellers, nor do we usually use perfect grammar all the time.  So get help.  There are plenty of programs (load them into your computer or use them online).  Get used to using them to check both your spelling and your grammar.  They aren’t perfect, but neither am I! (Who knows, maybe you are perfect!)

Hey, that reminds me what my minister told me when I was young… “If you find a perfect church, don’t join it, it won’t be perfect any more!”

So choose your tools, get help, and most of all USE your tools!



As I pointed out, your Original, Quality TEXT Writing will get you noticed by the search engines (and also by others!).  In this case, 500 words are worth a thousand photos!

So how much should you write per post?

Well, a good target would be 500-1000 words per post.  Please do not say OMG (I hate that phrase!).  That is really not that hard to do!

Google’s Matt Cutts says 300 words, but I have seen post with more than that be ignored by search engines.  I would say if you want your post to be indexed, the bare bones, absolute minimum would be about 350 words – Quality / Original Words!

Less than 350 words and you really stand a good chance of having Google and Bing ignore your post – there are just too many other great posts out in the world!  Still I maintain that a post of about 500 High Quality, Original Words would be a better minimum target!

To give you an idea, up to the number I am about to type, this post already has 647 words!

And I am still typing.

Meta Description

Make a quality Meta Description, about 150 characters, and 2-3 lines, and use that description as the first paragraph on your post.  If you want you can extend it to 255, but the first 150 should be a stand alone description.

Now check out my Meta Description and see what my first paragraph says!


  • Write your Meta Description as the first paragraph in you post!
  • Make your post 500-1000 Words long.
  • Make your words Original Thoughts from you understanding.
  • Check your spelling and grammar the best you can. (And do not write like you are sending text!)
  • 500 Words is worth more than 1,000 pictures!


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