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I Don’t Have Any Money

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No Money

I get one question all the time… “What do I do if I don’t have any money?” Sometimes it is phrased as, “I do not have an Internet connection!” At other times they say, “I cannot afford to buy a Domain Name and Hosting.”

The point they are trying to make is a simple one…  They want to make thousands of dollars as a successful Money Making Entrepreneur, but they do not have any money to invest in the project.  Strangely these people are usually writing to me in an email or blog post…  So at a minimum, they are typing into a computer and sending it on the Internet.  Therefore, I am assuming you can type into a computer, and send it on the Internet, as you have already proven this to me.


To be a successful Money Making Entrepreneur, at a minimum you will need to be able to use a computer for 1-3 hours a day.  You will also need some minimum amount of time on the Internet.

What follows are Frequently Asked Questions, or simply Good Ideas, on how to start being a Money Making Entrepreneur, with extremely low amounts of money and resources.

The Internet Café

Let’s say you have a computer, at home or school or office, that you own or are free to use.  However, you have no Internet connection.  You can load a LAMP server.  LAMP originally stood for Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP.  Don’t worry, they have AMP Versions made for Microsoft Windows (WAMPs) and for MAC (MAMPs) also.  (I personally use Ubuntu instead of Windows!)  There are many online guides for how to load a LAMP development server into your computer.

With LAMP (or any AMP) on your computer, you can write your WordPress post and pages and then copy the HTML (click the HTML tab).  Paste it to a good text editor (in Windows I suggest Notepad++).  Save with the extension of .txt and transfer them to a flash drive or thumb drive.  This can then be taken with you to an Internet Café for fast uploading.

The Yellow Pad

I’m sure you have seen them, those big, legal size pads of yellow paper.  Lawyer often use them to make notes, so they are sometimes called “Legal Pads!”  They are so popular now with students that they come in designer colors, like light blue or pink!

Anyway, use these yellow pads to compose your content.  Then when you have your post written, go find a computer to type it in.  For example rent a computer at an Internet Café.  You will be surprised how much time / money you will save doing it this way.  Composing your story takes much more time than just typing it.  So if you have no computer to compose it on, use a yellow pad!

Blogger for “FREE”

If you read The Domain Name, Do’s & Don’ts of Entrepreneurship and Free or Fee Money Making you will know that I totally believe you cannot be a successful Money Making Entrepreneur, putting all your hopes on a free service like Blogger (Blogspot).  If you did not read these yet, you should go read them now!

In fact, the first thing you should do on your road to success, is to get your own domain name. I recommended you buy an I Love You Domain name. I then suggest you buy hosting and load software. I finally advised you that there are plenty of people who put their hopes on Blogger, only to have Blogger suddenly shutdown their site as well as their source of income! It is at best a nightmare you do not want to have!

But you say you don’t have any money to start. Ok, fair enough. Here is where blogger can help…

Hosting for “FREE”

Hosting is the second most important hardware part, of your successful Money Making Entrepreneur business.  The most important would of course be The Domain Name. I do not suggest to anyone that you use a “free” hosting service like blogger.  Now you would think blogger / Google would want people hosting there, because AdSense is also a Google product.  Well, they do and they don’t…

Google wants you because if you use the normal methods, they are making money.  However, soon after you try other streams of income, whenever they detect what you are doing, or if you really focus on SEO, you will find out your site disappears due to violations of Google’s polices.  In case you do not know it, here are the polices of ALL free services on the Internet.

Our policy is to provide you with this service, absolutely free, as long as it continues to be a benefit to us.  For whatever reason we decide, we have the exclusive right to take down your site whenever we want, including the right to take it down permanently!

Getting something ~ To get more!

So if you have NO money… Get a Blogger Hosted Site.  Start building it, but keep offline copies of all your articles.  It is your goal to get off of Blogger and on to a real hosting company with software.  If you work your way up to where you are getting a payment from Google every month ($100 or more), you can afford hosting!

Domain Name for “FREE”

As I told you in The Domain Name, one of the most important things you can do is to get a Domain Name of your own.  I also suggested beginning Money Making Entrepreneurs (as well ad advanced) get an I Love You Domain name.  This should be your Highest Priority!

I Love You Domains work as good as any domain, but you only have to pay for it one time, not rent it every year.   I have learned that they will start offering an easy and automatic domain “name change” for those who what it.  So if you try one idea, and it is a flop and fails to earn money, you can just trade in your domain name, and get another one without additional cost!

If you recall I told you if you have your own domain name you can transfer it to anywhere else, any hosting.

To recap what you want in a domain name, you want…

  • The ability to set NS (Name Server) records.

This could take hours, days, or even up to a week, but your domain should allow it.  Even if you make the beginners mistake of thinking you need a dot com, you should do this. Domain Sellers often couple DNS services with their domain names.  I happen to know that GoDaddy does not allow you to add NS records for subdomains.  I would not use GoDaddy for that reason.  Even if you think you will not need it, this is a good measure of if a Domain Seller is Money Making Entrepreneur friendly.

There is no problem with the I Love You Domains.  They are set up by DNS experts with decades of experience.  Another reason I recommend them, especially for beginners.


Ok, here is a starting with nothing plan for those who really think they have NO MONEY!

You are still required to have access to a computer that you can encode your stories, either borrowed or offline.

You must also have access to the Internet to upload your blog posts.  It is possible to do this at an Internet Cafe.

  1. Get a Blog with ( Start there with a domain.
  2. Write and upload your post to blogger.  Save a digital copy of every post.
  3. Buy a Domain from I Love You Domains with your First AdSense earnings.
  4. Attach your domain name to the blogger blog.
  5. Buy a Hosting account with your Second AdSense earnings.
  6. Install WordPress from on your hosting.
  7. Transfer all your pages, one by one, to WordPress.

As you can see, this is much more work, but it can be done for those with really no extra cash.

Because it works so Well… Because it is so Easy… Because it catches your mistakes…Because it cost so little…
I now am recommending domains names from I Love You Domains!
The Money Making Entrepreneur uses them, and they are great for beginners too!

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