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It was brought to my attention (thanks Yoda!) that I had not styled the footer section of the Money Making Entrepreneur website. As we are using the TuKod Theme (modified Atahualpa Theme) this is actually a simple task. We also thought it would be fun to add a few deserving websites to the mundane links that the bottom. And one important one, a link to our sitemap!

Avoid the Bad Guys

Edit: Just Google and Bing are all you need! I hate putting sitemaps in Robots.Text files, it is an invitation to scammers and harvesters and other such evil things. The Big-uns (the would be Google, Yahoo, Ask and any of the top 15 search engines, and I guess that includes Bing (or is that Bling?) AKA: Live, AKA: MSN… I guess when enough people find out how bad Microsoft is, they change the name! Are they really fooling anyone? But I digress…

Bottom Linked Site Map

Putting a bottom link to your sitemap is a great way to let search engines find your stuff. I decided to also include some links to other sites I would like to promote and give a little juice to! I think this is a far better way to give a search engine your site map. Also, most people submit their sitemap directly to the Big 4 Google and Bing, so why bother with the duplicates?

Gun Zipped

So I keep a copy of a machine readable sitemap on my site. But I keep it in the .gz or Gun Zipped format. It saves both space and bandwidth. With a little PHP help, I keep my sitemap at a standard location also…


Exactly, just where people (and computers) would expect it to be! In the case of Money Making Entrepreneur, you can find it at:

Go ahead and take a look, I am sure your browser knows how to read and display it!

Edit:  I moved to a sitemapindex.xml file at:


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