Free WordPress Hosting

In the section called, IF I HAVE NO MONEY, on the post, Free or Fee Money Making, I wrote this…

  • If you actually have No Cash, then use Blogger/Blogspot and AdSense Ads until you have earned enough money to buy A Domain Name and Hosting!  In that order.

As thing change, I have recently been thinking about that advice and I have a new recommendation.  With free PHP and MySQL hosting becoming more common, I can recommend you START with WordPress now.  I still recommend your center point be centered around stable DNS and a paid for Domain Name as soon as possible.  Nonetheless you could get your operation up and running with free hosting, thereby saving some early costs, making you money earlier, and and avoiding the learning curve of blogger / blogspot.  With this method you start with WordPress!

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Widget Flag Counter

A Widget Flag Counter can be a benefit to your website, especially if you are a WordPress beginner or if this is a new website.

I decided to add a visitor counter to Money Making Entrepreneur. I will put this in a Widget in the Theme. This will show me what country most of my visitors are coming from. It will also give me something pretty to decorate my site with. I will recommend because I have used them on a number of sites and they have performed okay. I also like them because they allow you to make a number of settings to give you the feel they are a part of your website. Finally, I like them because of their ease of use.

I am going to put my counter in the sidebar, so first of all I need to know what is the color of my sidebar and text. For this I will check my theme options.
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Theme Wrap-Up

Our Money Making Entrepreneur site running the Tukod / Atahualpa Theme is starting to look pretty good. Just a couple more things in the center column and it will be complete… I want the change the link colors on the post for multi-pages. Also make it bold. Then change the footer background and finally the background for the comment box. All of these are currently gray. So let’s get going… Continue reading

Theme Styled Widgets!

I noticed that my sidebars are really a drab black and white and lacking most color. Now these are mostly links so I figured they should also turn green! Save the Planet! Or save money! hehe! Anyway, in this post I will attempt to add a little style and flare to the Widgets and go green in my sidebars!

So see if you can follow this in the TuKod Theme (Atahualpa)
Appearance -> Theme Options -> “Sidebars & Widgets” -> “Style WIDGETS”
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Sidebar Styles in TuKod

With our header finished, our TuKod Theme (Atahualpa) and style have started to take shape. But as they say, the devil is in the details! It is the little things that make the difference between “That’s a good site” and “Wow! That is a great site!” Right now we are going to look at the side bars, specifically, the small line that separates them from the center section.
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