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Finding Your Website Topic!

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At this point, we need to find our Website Topic. If you do not know what this is, that is great! You do not really need to know. Basically, we are going to make a few lists. We will start with anything you feel is a passion of yours. From that we will work with a few different simple ideas to come to a Website Topic you can use to become a Money Making Entrepreneur.

List-A ~ Passions

To find the topic of your Money Making Entrepreneur website, make a list of your passions. Anything you love or know a lot about.  Label that “List-A”.

List-B ~ Knowing the Language

Now go through your list of passions the first time. Put an exclamation mark at the beginning of any item on your list that you can talk to people about in an authoritative way.

For example, if your passion was raw food, you would already know, and could talk in some depth, about what picotoxins and fyuel are. If your passion is building computers, you would already know what the BIOS is, you would be able to quickly point to it inside of a computer, you would know it was actually the acronym B.I.O.S. and you would know what each if the initials mean.

Copy the Passions you have put an Exclamation mark next to on to another list, call this List-B. We are going to work with List-B, but do not discard List-A, just put the List-A away where you cannot see it.

List-C ~ Information, Instructions or Solutions

The easiest way to become a Money Making Entrepreneur is to write something on the topics of Information, Instructions or Solutions. Questions and Answers are always a good place to start – on any topic!

Information would be something like, the latest airplanes released and a comparison of them and last years models. Of course you can replace “airplanes” with anything with a model year, like boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles or even fashion.

Instructions would be your basic how-to or DIY site. How to build your own airplane, or a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home built airplane. Of course you can replace Airplane with anything from pizza, to raw banana ice cream, to Marine Aquariums or building a house.

Solutions may include some how-to… like how-to change a light bulb (a solution for a burnt out bulb), or it may be something like health tips, a cure for diabetes (if you have type 2 diabetes this will cure you without pills and shots), to a cure for disabling painful gout! These are real problems, and people need solutions. However, solutions are not limited to health issues. Maybe you actually have the perfect plan for restructuring the government to make the Philippines the #1 Best Place in the World to Live! That could be a great website for a Money Making Entrepreneur.

Solutions could also be about social change.  For example, the Philippines is the only country in the world that does not have a divorce law as of this writing.  This means many people are “married” to people they have not seen or communicated to in years.  Regardless if you are on the pro-divorce side or the anti-divorce side, there still is the problems of single mothers and broken homes that are stuck in a limbo.  A good solution for what to do about this is really needed.

For each Passion on your List-B that is an Information, Instruction or Solution, put a mark and transfer it to a third paper called your List-C! Put List-B away, together with List-A.

TIP! Be careful with what is “Information.” Remember to think of Information, Instructions or Solutions from the reader’s prospective. Try to picture a country that you really know little to nothing about. Now picture in that country a person, that you have no idea even exists. Would this be an Information, Instruction or Solution that person is looking for? Your two month old baby may be your biggest passion and bliss, but would that unknown person really have an interest? Likely not, unless your baby is a conjoined triplet, with three heads facing in opposite directions 120 degrees apart!

Time flies … when you’re having fun!

List-D ~ Finding You Bliss

Now you should have a short List-C. These are Passions, that you have knowledge about. Passions that other people would like to read, because it has information, instructions, or solutions for things happening in their life (including world events or current news).

So now on List-C place a Star next to anything that you can identify as your Bliss!


When you were doing or learning about these things, did someone tell you, that you should go to sleep because it was late? Did you ever stay up all night because of this? Did you ever take time off from work to do, learn or see this? Did you ever express surprise that so much time had passed while you were enjoying this? Did you ever say, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

Now copy these Passions onto the fourth and final list, List-D. And put List-C with List-A, and List-B.

Don’t be surprised if List-D has only three or four things on it, or even less, that is normal. In fact, we have seen people who only had ONE thing on List-D, and became a huge success with that one thing!

If you have more than one, then pick one! If you have nothing on List-D (it happens very rarely), go back to List-C and look for your Bliss again. If you cannot find it backtrack to List-B and then even to List-A if you still cannot find it on List-B.

When You have one or more names on List-D, then pick one and that is your Website Topic.


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Passion, Bliss and Content ~ The Heart of your Website

Passion and Bliss are deep in the Heart of the Money Making Entrepreneur
IF you plan on being a successful Money Making Entrepreneur
Your passion and your bliss create your content
Your content makes you a success!
Content is Everything!


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