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I Don’t Have Any Money

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No Money

I get one question all the time… “What do I do if I don’t have any money?” Sometimes it is phrased as, “I do not have an Internet connection!” At other times they say, “I cannot afford to buy a Domain Name and Hosting.”

The point they are trying to make is a simple one…  They want to make thousands of dollars as a successful Money Making Entrepreneur, but they do not have any money to invest in the project.  Strangely these people are usually writing to me in an email or blog post…  So at a minimum, they are typing into a computer and sending it on the Internet.  Therefore, I am assuming you can type into a computer, and send it on the Internet, as you have already proven this to me. Continue reading

The Domain Name

The Biggest Mistake You Will Make!

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Because it works so Well… Because it is so Easy… Because it catches your mistakes…
Because it cost so little…
I now am recommending DNS and domains names from DNS I Love You!
The Money Making Entrepreneur uses them, and they are great for beginners too!
This page is totally going to shock and surprise people,
because it will go opposite direction,
of what many “expert” (ordinary people) say.

The Domain Name Dilemma

Note: If you want to skip the reasons, and get directly to the how-to, you may skip to:
Part 6b The Domain Name ~ What Really Matters!

So you are ready to start your website, set up or blog, and become a Money Making Entrepreneur. You may have already read hundreds of pages, dozens on SEO alone! Now you come face to face with the Domain Name Dilemma.  Do you use a free domain, like or Or do you try to buy “” priced to sell at the “low cost” of only $5,999.99!  Some domains have sold for millions of USA dollars!

However, the target for the Money Making Entrepreneur, basically, is to help you earn from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars a month in income.  That is our focus.  Below are guidelines that may help you sort this out, so you will not make costly mistakes. Continue reading

Free or Fee Money

Does It Take Money To Make Money?

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It Takes Money!

Do you think the old saying is true?  “It takes money to make money!”
Yes! A successful businessman invest about 25% – 50% of his income into his business.


Yes, income. That means when you are earning money, you should invest part of your income it back into your business.

Although some Money Making Entrepreneurs invest 100% back into their fledgling business, I do not recommend that.  It may be good for getting more resources, but it has a negative motivational value. Consider this… Would you be more motivated to spend a couple hours a day writing high quality posts, if at the end of the month you get nothing… Or, if at the end of the month you put $50 bucks in your pocket!

It just goes without saying that when you can say, “you know, I was able to buy something because of my website” or “I was able to do something, or go someplace, because of my website”, that really makes a difference… So let’s take a closer look at what you can do to invest in becoming a better Money Making Entrepreneur. Continue reading