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In the section called, IF I HAVE NO MONEY, on the post, Free or Fee Money Making, I wrote this…

  • If you actually have No Cash, then use Blogger/Blogspot and AdSense Ads until you have earned enough money to buy A Domain Name and Hosting!  In that order.

As thing change, I have recently been thinking about that advice and I have a new recommendation.  With free PHP and MySQL hosting becoming more common, I can recommend you START with WordPress now.  I still recommend your center point be centered around stable DNS and a paid for Domain Name as soon as possible.  Nonetheless you could get your operation up and running with free hosting, thereby saving some early costs, making you money earlier, and and avoiding the learning curve of blogger / blogspot.  With this method you start with WordPress!

Here is how to avoid the pitfalls…

  • Get a Free Domain Name from somewhere that is not affiliated with your free hosting supplier.  In other words, get you free DNS/Domain name from someone who is not providing you with WordPress Hosting.  This is important!
  • Get Free Hosting from someone who is not supplying you a Domain Name or DNS.
  • Load WordPress yourself.  Most people can learn this in a few hours.  WordPress comes with a loader that only takes 5 minutes, but I would allow yourself a couple hours to get past the “fear factor.”  Learn it!  There is no downside as WordPress is your End Game for a great Money Making Blog and being a Money Making Entrepreneur.
  • Don’t use “auto-loaders.”  Some hosting companies will automatically load WordPress for you.  That may be ok in Paid Hosting, but I would not use it in Free Hosting.  (I would not even recommend it in Paid Hosting!)
  • .htaccess ~ You should have access to it in your free hosting.
  • FTP – This is how you will upload files (you will need a program called FileZilla on your computer).
  • PHP – You need your host to be able to run PHP scripts.  Do not worry what that is, just make sure you have the ability.  Some free hosting does not offer this.
  • MySQL – This is your database – WordPress will not run without it.
  • Unix – This is your operating system and comes in many names, the ones I am using now are called Ubuntu and FreeBSD.  Other good flavors are Linux, RedHat, anything that ends in BSD.  Don’t worry, these are very common.  Avoid like the Plague: Windows, Microsoft, or IIS.  Trust me, you do not want these, they will only cause you problems.  Remember, this is about the server at free hosting, it is not about your home computer – although I recommend and use Ubuntu myself.
  • Apache – This is the most popular Web Server in the world, and it is free!
  • Do Many Backups!

These are ALL important and are not in any order.  However, you should pay close attention the the last, Do Many Backups!  Using Free Hosting, your backups are you best defense.  Using a free domain name.  Well, as I recommended, you should get a paid domain name as soon as you can (your first AdSense check can cover the cost forever!).  You should read again, The Domain Name, The Domain Name ~ What Really Matters! as these are about The Biggest Mistake You Will Make!

Free Website Hosting For WordPress

Below I will list some free website hosting that sFree Website Hosting For WordPressomeone (unsure who) told me could host WordPress for Free.  If you have tried or hosted on any of these, please make a comment, it may help someone else.  Again, I would advise you to try to move to paid hosting within a year!  That would be a good goal!

  • – (I actually use an account here for a test bed!)
  • – Free PHP Hosting, MySQL database – They offer reliable free webhosting with PHP4, PHP5, and MySQL database support, Front Page and FTP access, CGI, Perl, SSI, Webmail support, and 200 MB of free space with NO BANNER ADS, NO POPUPS on free websites.
  • – Large Free PHP Hosting – offers large free PHP web hosting plan that includes 100 mb of data storage, 3 gb of monthly bandwidth, free subdomain or domain hosting, 1 MySQL database (5 mb storage), they support CGI, SSI, Perl, POP# email and many other useful features.
  • – Free PHP MySQL Hosting plans – offers 250 MB of web space, 6 GB of monthly traffic, 3 MySQL databases, 5 sub domains, FTP access, Vista Panel hosting control panel with automatic script installer. Instant account activation.
  • – GREEN Free Web Hosting, PHP 5, MySQL 5 support – offers 100% GREEN energy free website hosting with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 support, and the advanced free hosting features such as Cgi-Bin, SSI, FTP support, FrontPage extensions, etc. free host also provide personal free domain names with extension and free domains for business websites with extension.
  • – (PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Free domain, No ads)
  • – Free Hosting EU (Blog / Site builder, No ads, Free domain)
  • – (PHP, MySQL, Email Sending, No Ads, Free sub-domain)
  • – (Website & Blog builder, Photo album, Free domain)
  • – (PHP, MySQL, 1-click Scripts, No Ads, Free sub-domain)
  • – (Easy Flash website builder + mobile sites, blogs, etc.)
  • – (PHP, MySQL, PHPbb, SMF, Wiki, Free sub-domain)
  • – (Support cPanel, PHP, FTP, No ads, Free sub-domain)
  • – (Visual website builder, add videos, photos, shopping cart)
  • – (Easy site builder, blog, forms, polls, Free sub-domain)

Remember, do not use a free domain name (sub-domain) issued from anyone who you get free hosting from.  Is you are forced to use a free hosting companies “free sub-domain” then look for a different host.  You will want to switch to paid DNS/Domain Name as soon as possible.


Free PHP MySQL hosting means the web page hosting service, or provider that offers MySQL database support and the popular PHP scripting included with their free website hosting plan.

Free web hosting – no ads means a provider or web host service that doesn’t add advertisements (banners, pop-ups, text links, etc.) to your free website and web pages that they host for free.

Free domain hosting means a provider or webhost service that enable clients to host their own domain names (registered at 3rd party domain registration service) on webhost’s servers at no additional cost.

And free domain hosting can also refer to website hosts services that provide a free domain name (you do not want that) included with their free webhosting plan.

Free PHP MySQL hosting means the web page provider or hosting service offers the PHP scripting and MySQL database support, included with their free website hosting plan.

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