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Does It Take Money To Make Money?

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It Takes Money!

Do you think the old saying is true?  “It takes money to make money!”
Yes! A successful businessman invest about 25% – 50% of his income into his business.


Yes, income. That means when you are earning money, you should invest part of your income it back into your business.

Although some Money Making Entrepreneurs invest 100% back into their fledgling business, I do not recommend that.  It may be good for getting more resources, but it has a negative motivational value. Consider this… Would you be more motivated to spend a couple hours a day writing high quality posts, if at the end of the month you get nothing… Or, if at the end of the month you put $50 bucks in your pocket!

It just goes without saying that when you can say, “you know, I was able to buy something because of my website” or “I was able to do something, or go someplace, because of my website”, that really makes a difference… So let’s take a closer look at what you can do to invest in becoming a better Money Making Entrepreneur.

The Mistakes

In Part 6 ~ The Domain Name, I will post a whole article, debunking most of the common misconceptions being passed around the Internet as “knowledge.”  In a nutshell, the truth today is, it really matters very little what your domain name is!  Today any domain name is good.  This website could be just as effective on the domain name…

Really!  Now that domain name is just random typing on my keyboard, with my eyes closed, then removing the invalid characters and adding “” and shortened it to an overall length of 50 characters (if I counted correctly, that is a number I just chose! ~ hummm, I am told it is actually 62 characters!).

You see, there is a fundamental, or basic way, the use and the structure of the Internet domain name system has changed.  Most people do not know this, because they do not know how it was originally.  That is why this domain, MoneyMakingEntrepreneur.E143.Net works so well.  Because I do know how the whole system works!  That is your advantage in your quest to becoming a Money Making Entrepreneur.


You do need to invest in your new business.  Yes, being a Money Making Entrepreneur is a real business. I mean you do expect to be paid, to make money, right?  So you need to make an investment.  The major investment is Time.  People are always trying to take short cuts.  So they copy, copy, copy, and then wonder why it does not pay.  Why would I pay for a copy when I have have the original at the same price?  On the Internet the three most important things are 1) Content, 2) Information, and 3) Solutions. (I know you have heard it say content, content and content. Isn’t that redundant?)

If you remember that, you will make money, and be a successful Money Making Entrepreneur.

Although it is possible to start your Internet business with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection to upload your content, there are things that can help you grow your business much faster…  In Part 7 – Do’s & Don’ts of Entrepreneurship …  I will give you a list of Do’s and Don’ts, that in a nutshell will help you.  Some cost money, but if you are on a tight budget, you can get around most “up front” expenses with some knowledge, planning and a bit of extra work.  I will also tell you the relative importance of each.

“FREE” Websites

I might as well make this point now, there is nothing for free.  All of the so called “FREE” websites are there to make money… They do make money, and they exist so that people can think they are getting something for Free!



These are the two biggest “free” blogging websites. Are they of any value? Can they be used as a starting point?

  • If you can, avoid it!

Avoid “free” websites and you will make more money.  You will also not waste time.  Since time is money, you will not waste money either!  I would NOT recommend either of these “free” websites.  Remember the old adage,

“If you paid nothing for it, you know its worth!”

WordPress (.com)

In the “free” mode, WordPress (.com) does not allow a custom domain name, nor any ads that they do not place on your site.  It is very hard to be a Money Making Entrepreneur.  However, they have an “easy solution – upgrade!”  Upgrade just means “non-free!”  They offer many upgrades!  Upgrades for domain names, upgrades for css, upgrades for this and upgrades for that – all at a price that is much higher than if you had just avoided the free mode in the first place!  You cannot make any money using the “free” services of

Note: I am talking about the services of WordPress (.com) only.  The software of (org ~ not com) are what you want on your site!

Blogger or Blogspot

Blogger, or Blogspot, are the same thing.  Perhaps you have seen a website like… or and you thought to yourself that is all you needed!  Think again!  These sites are produced by people with no thought of becoming a Money Making Entrepreneur.  They have a message (animal rights) that they want to get across and have no interest in monetizing their blog to make money.

Note: If you have a website need for some idea you wish to promote without making any money, such as a club, hobby or philosophy, I would actually recommend WordPress (.com).  However, this is out of the scope of the Money Making Entrepreneur, as you are not planing to make money, nor to be an Entrepreneur.

Blogger/Blogspot does have two advantages that WordPress (.com) doesn’t.

  1. They allow custom domains in free mode
  2. They allow AdSense Ads
Google owns both Blogger/Blogspot and AdSense Ads so they make money both coming and going!


Let’s be real, most people who have computer / Internet access have some (even limited) amount of money.  You are reading the Money Making Entrepreneur because you want to increase that money. Right?  However, let’s assume you really do not have any money.  Your friend, brother, uncle, cousin or someone let’s you sweep the floors of their Internet café and, in exchange, you are permitted to use a computer connected to the Internet for 2-3 hours a day!  Congratulation, you now have what you need to become a Money Making Entrepreneur!

If you actually have No Cash, then use Blogger/Blogspot and AdSense Ads until you have earned enough money to buy A Domain Name and Hosting!  In that order.  Read The Domain Name and Do’s & Don’ts of Entrepreneurship for more specific reasons these are so important.  They do not have to cost a lot.


If you have any money – get a DNS service from DNS143.Net! Along with great DNS you can choose a lifetime domain that really works for you. That is what the uses!

Because it works so Well… Because it is so Easy… Because it catches your mistakes…
Because it cost so little…
I now am recommending DNS and domains names from DNS I Love You!
The Money Making Entrepreneur uses them, and they are great for beginners too!

Continue Studying: The Domain Name

The Biggest Mistake You will Make!

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Passion, Bliss and Content ~ The Heart of your Website

Passion and Bliss are deep in the Heart of the Money Making Entrepreneur
IF you plan on being a successful Money Making Entrepreneur
Your passion and your bliss create your content
Your content makes you a success!
Content is Everything!


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