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Ok, it is time for me to really start making this site look professional. And choose some decent colors and layout. I went over to my friend at the wonderful Lan Net Work and I ask for help on choosing the colors for my site. They told me the main thing is to keep the site with a light or white background and dark or black letters, it is easier to read. Here are some more tips on how to choose a color scheme that is suitable for your website.

What’s Your Favorite News Site?

“What’s your favorite news site?” they asked me without a pause, “It’s a sure bet they have dark characters on a light background, perhaps even black letters on a book white screen. It is just easier to read.” I thought for a moment, but all I could think of was Red! Later, I would open CNN, after all, they are the largest, right? Sure enough, black letters on a white background. I made my decision, black on white!

What’s It About?

“What’s it about?” they asked me, “Your website, what’s it about?” Well, my title is the Money Making Entrepreneur, I want to teach the truth about how to Make Money as an Entrepreneur writing a website, or a blog, about a topic that is already well known to the writer. There are a lot of people out there, telling all kinds of advice on how to make money on the Internet, and most of it is either way out dates or just plain untrue or worthless. “Yeah,” one replied, “it’s all rubbish … uh, trash!” he said, revealing his British background.

Dollar Bill Green

“I’ve got it!” one said, “Just base your website on Dollar Bill Green!” Dollar Bill Green? I questioned, is there even a color like that? “Eight-Five-Bravo-Bravo-Six-Five!” he exclaimed, revealing his prior military service. “That is the number for Dollar Bill Green.” He took a post it not and wrote it down for me… #85bb65

Other Colors

Ok, that is ok for one of the colors, but won’t I need more than one color. “Yeah, for a good WordPress layout you’ll need a half-dozen colors, but you just base them off that one color.”

Color Math

They saw the blank look on my face, look at each other, and in unison said, “Color Math!” Then they laughed. “I was saying I needed to write a page or two about color math, but just haven’t got around to it.”

Vegarian Green

Can you show me what you mean? “Sure,” they said, “Here is Vegarian Green at It is a website about people who love Vegetation and the Symbiont Circle Animals and Plant have!”

Wow! That is a beautiful green combination. “It did turn out nice, but it is a plant green, you want a different shade of green, a Dollar Bill Green!”

Dark Chocolate

“This site is called Tu Kōd! That’s the NuEnglish way to spell “To Code!” It is pretty much about how to make your WordPress website run better, automatically. This is a mock-up of what Tu Kod will look like in Dark Chocolate.” Is that on the Internet? I just had to know. “It will be soon, at”

Green Dollar Bills

“As I said, you need a half dozen colors of green to go with Dollar Bill Green. Give me a couple days and I will come up with them for you. Maybe I will even write a page about how to do this.

Our Website Colors

Well ladies and gentlemen, here they are. Six colors based on Dollar Bill Green!

Dollar Bill

Lan Net Work

For more information on choosing the colors for your WordPress website, or any website really, check out this page at Lan Net Work.

A Final Question

One last question, I asked, Philippine Pesos are not all green? “Simple, just ask yourself, what kind of money do you think your readers want more of, Pesos or Dollars?”


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