Category Name for SEO in WordPress Posting Tips

The Category Name is use in organizing your website and thus is an important part of True SEO.  Making and using good categories will improve your SEO and improve your client experience on your website. This will increase your website value.


An organized grouping of articles within a website.

This post begins a series on making good post.

Ten Years

Create a category that you will still be using 10 years from now.

Bad categories

January 21

Good categories


Do not advertise other websites

(especially the huge ones!)

A category named YouTube or FaceBook would be a disaster on your site!

One Post, One Category

Think of it like voting, one person, one vote.  Try hard to put your post into one category that best discribes what the majority of your post is about.

Try to use a limited amount of categories ( USE ONE CATEGORY PER PAGE! ) to avoid duplicate content penalties from your friends at Google and Bing.  ( On rare occasions you may need to use two categories or on extremely rare occasions even three categories may be appropriate. However, sticking to the one category rule for all but one or two post per year will yield you better SEO. )

If your site goes away from the search engine, or ends up on page four or worse, it is likely you either tried to stuff keywords (like use a keyword over and over and over again without much context), OR, you assigned too many categories to each post (as in more than one to most post).  Try to write your post within one category topic.  If your post is about food, do not include games!


Here are examples I had in mind as I am organizing a website for Kokay’s Dive Resort…

  • ? ? ? Dive Society (define what specifically is in this category?)
  • + + + Diving – Underwater articles with underwater photos.
  • + + + Events (Mother’s Day? Coming events? Specific time and place – in the Future?)
  • + + + Activities (things to do at the Resort while staying their (games, darts, resting! and watching the sunrise?)
  • + + + Impressions (something that would impress or be unusual to experience – double rainbows. Thresher shark in the swimming pool (joke). A diver’s wedding under the sea!)
  • – – – FAQ ( Don’t use this. Move to a real “FAQ” page, IF people are really asking it! Or just post under hotel. )
  • – – – food aid for #YolandaPH victims (move to “Social Responsibility” or “Community Involvement”)
  • ? ? ? Games (define what specifically is in this? Perhaps “Activities” would be a better place. )
  • + + + Guests (ONLY for photos with personal names listed to identify the people.  Without names publish under Actives.
  • ? ? ? Hotel (define what specifically is in this? This is where you may put room information.)
  • – – – January 21 (Is January 21 an annual event? DON’T use this as a category unless it is a holiday in your country like the 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo.
  • – – – Karneval (keep if annual event. define “Karneval” in site language, a sub category under Events!)
  • – – – Kokay’s (Is not everything Kokay’s – do not use punctuation. Use the site name as the default welcome post and KEEP IT EMPTY otherwise.)
  • – – – OPEN!!! (We would hope so! DO NOT USE THIS!)
  • – – – Reconstruction Progress (will it still be in reconstruction 10 years from now? better in “Construction”)
  • ??? Rooms (Use Hotel instead.)
  • – – – Specials (To Vague. Perhaps “Meals” perhaps “dive excursions” perhaps “off season rates” Of just FOOD – much better!)
  • + + + Thresher sharks (reserve for news about sharks (with underwater photos), not just vague references like “after diving with thresher sharks we danced the night away”).
  • + + + Uncategorized this is the default category and should always have NOTHING in it – no posts – on the El Dorado site Uncategorized was renamed to El Dorado and serves the same purpose. When you see this category on a post, it means that post categories should be reexamined and corrected! Change Uncategorized to Kokay’s!
  • – – – YouTube (advertising YouTube, change category to Videos)


– – – means to remove this category

+ + + means to keep or add this category

? ? ? means this category needs to be better defined as to what is in it, or it needs to be removed.

This overview will get you started on making your category more useful and to get better SEO at Google and Bing.

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