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Passion and Bliss ~ Heart of your Website

Passion and Bliss are words you will hear me use over and over and over again. The reason I do this is a simple one … IF you plan on being a Money Making Entrepreneur you must have and define your passion and your bliss.


Beyond Passion is Bliss. Have you ever enjoyed doing something so much that you lost all track of time? I have worked on a computer program till early hours, sleeping for what I would call a nap, and still in the early hours, start working on it again. Why? Well, it was way beyond passion, it was BLISS!

My friend would tell you of times she spent half the night, or more, working on curtains for her home. Why? Was there a rush? No! It was just that she enjoyed doing it so much, she lost all track of time. It was her bliss.

Your bliss is your passion
but your passion is not always your bliss.

~ David Tait ~

I knew a man who was passionate about his work. That is, when he was at work, he worked passionately. He was always improving his product line, and received top marks and honors from his employer, often employee of the month! However, when quiting time came, he went home to his other passion, designing and flying kites with his children!

Now as it turns out, I learned that his real passion and bliss was for his children! He also had another passion and bliss for his kite designs! He always had time for his children, even to answer the same question for the hundredth time! Sometimes when an idea came to him for a kite design, you could see the lights on in his workshop many hours after midnight, when most people would be sleeping. On Saturdays, you could find him at the park with his children, flying his kites. And if it was a rainy Saturday, he would be watching cartoons with his kids, with a sketch pad by his side with the latest kite design he was working on with them. Now that man knows BLISS!

Bliss is something you would do
even if you received
No acclaim, No glory and No reward for doing it!

~ David Tait ~

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Passion, Bliss and Content ~ The Heart of your Website

Passion and Bliss are deep in the Heart of the Money Making Entrepreneur
IF you plan on being a successful Money Making Entrepreneur
Your passion and your bliss create your content
Your content makes you a success!
Content is Everything!


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