SEO Writing a Quality Original Post – Posting Tips

How Long should your post be? Where do you get your words? Is spelling and grammar important? All good questions you will get the answer to in this post!

I started the title of this post with the initialism SEO for a reason. Most people want their posts to be picked up by Search Engines like Google and Bing.  So let me start with the tried and true three most import items you need in your post…

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Successful Posting Tips for SEO

Everyone is looking for great SEO tips.  Let me start this Posting Tips series by saying that good posting, is good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Posting Tips

With this post I am creating a new category: WordPress => Posting Tips

Much of the do or die work on your website will be done in your posting.  This is the day in day out stuff that will make your website a success or a failure.  Without good, regular, posting, your website becomes stagnant and dies.  Or worse, your website could be penalized by search engines for a number of common infractions that are common to spammers, black hat (illegal) SEO.and Newbies.

Beginner Posting

Many mistakes made by Newbies include things like the all powerful page titles, meta tags (description etc.), the “more” tag, and the <h1> tag.  Even things like opening paragraphs, category names, alt tags on images, and the wrongful use of social media, all can have a huge (beneficial or disastrous) effect on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.

Conversion – Not Impression

Conversion should be your goal!  Now most SEO “experts” consider “conversion” to be “click thoughts” or your “click through rate.”  I disagree, I look at conversion as being people who buy what you are advertising.  When I say “buy” it could mean people adopt your point of view, as in a political website or a religious website.  It could be people accept your teaching on health or wellbeing, or how to be a successful Money Making Entrepreneur using AdSense, or how to get more clients to your hotel of restaurant, or eye clinic!

The List

I will update this list with new posting Tips as I think of them and write articles about them.  So book mark this page.  You can also find links in the topic Posting Tips.  The following can be made into a checklist of things to do before you publish your post.  If you use a good WordPress Theme, some of these tasks will be done automatically or semi-automatically for you, reducing your workload.

  • <h1>Tag

  • Body Title Multi Post Pages

  • Body Title Single Pages

  • Category Name

  • Image Alt Tag

  • Image Title Tag

  • Linked Text

  • Linked Title

  • Meta Description

  • Meta Keywords

  • More Tag

  • Opening Paragraph

  • Page Title (Meta Title)

  • Posting Excerpt

  • Removing Posts and Pages

  • Social Media

  • WordPress Tags

Words I Try To Avoid – SEO Stop Words – Bad Words!

When I was a boy, my mother washed out my mouth with soap, for using a “bad word!”  Things were different then.  However, the Internet also has its share of bad words.  These are words that will hurt (or at least not help) you Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Since you are reading this post, I am going to assume that you care about your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.  So I am going to teach you how to avoid “bad words” with far less discomfort than my soapy mouth solution my mother used on me (but it did work and I am thankful for that!).

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Money Making Sitemap For Better SEO

It was brought to my attention (thanks Yoda!) that I had not styled the footer section of the Money Making Entrepreneur website. As we are using the TuKod Theme (modified Atahualpa Theme) this is actually a simple task. We also thought it would be fun to add a few deserving websites to the mundane links that the bottom. And one important one, a link to our sitemap!

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