Money Making Online Conventions

Money Making Online Conventions

Of course we would like to attend an Money Making Convention!  Face it, conventions are fun, right?  Well before you can do that you need to earn more money, right?  So we created these Money Making Online Conventions, and put them on this site, so you can make more money!  Online!

Got ya!  Everyone loves going to conventions, right!  You thought you could go to a convention online.  However, this is about the Online Conventions I will use on this website!  So as you read it, it will make more sense to you!

Text Styles (Not Textiles!)

Italics = Our Names (pseudonyms) I would like to draw your attention to it.

Bold = Things I want to draw your attention to.

Bold & Italics = Something I think was more important.  You won’t want to miss this!

Underline = A “Mouseover Information Text Box” or “Anchor” (Black) ~ ~ OR ~ ~ A Link (Navy) – See Navy below.

Strike Through = I will use this style when I change something due to an update.  The old will be strike through!

Colors (of the Rainbow!)

Red – Extremely important or a Warning!

Blue & Centered – Quotes or special centered text. (Usually Bold / Italic also!)

Maroon – Things on other pages.

Maroon & Bold – Where to click on other pages.

Green & Indent & BoldTIP!

Navy & Underlined – A Link – If it is not a link, it is not Navy.  If it is Navy, it is a link.  See “Underline” above.

Orange – Text I would like to make stand out, like letters or single words.that should be changed into a link!



Teal – Things that should be changed into a link!