Yoda is a wise and powerful Jedi Master in the Star Wars films.

Yoda also had the highest midi-chlorian count of any Jedi at one time. Midi-chlorians are sort of a super I.Q. into “The Force” and perhaps, it was this reason that he was one of only two Jedi who survived the Sith attack against the Jedi. (The other being Obi-Wan, who survived simply because of bad shooting by a clone, who missed.) Yoda was the only Jedi to sense the attack coming, even moments before, and was able to kill and defeat his clone attackers.

My Yoda

For this reason I have chosen to use the pseudonym, Jedi Master Yoda (or just Yoda), to describe my own personal Master. If the Internet is the Force, then Master Yoda is strong in the Force.

Yoda Is My Mentor

Yoda is a self educated man, but don’t let that deceive you. Lawyers have asked him where he studied law because they were so impressed with his knowledge. Doctors have asked him where he practiced, because in conversations with him, Yoda taught them about their fields of specialists. I personally saw him walk in to a computer programing office of a major Multinational Corporation to visit the manager whom he had not seen in a number of years. The manager stopped his work staff and introduced Yoda as his “mentor.”

Yoda is my Mentor!

The Force Is Strong In Yoda

To say it a more modern way, Yoda’s Kung Fu is strong (ref. The Core Movie).  Imagine a Yoda that invented the force!  Well, Yoda first helped invent the working microcomputer, and then helped invent the ARPANET (later renamed the Internet!).

The Best Education

The best education, is experience
~ David ben David ~

Great minds tend to agree that experience is a better educator / education than sitting in a class at some school.  That being the case, then Yoda has four decades of the best education.  Most people working on computers today were not even born when Yoda was already working on them.  Forty years on the Internet is a virtual 900 years, compared with the Star Wars Yoda’s lifetime.

Test this yourself, find people who are really working on this, find out how long.  Go ahead and include any time they spent studying computers or the Internet.  I think it is not likely you will supersede the forty years of experience / education Yoda has.

Einstein said it the best…
Education is experience,
everything else is just information

What Works

What works?  What doesn’t work?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to answer those two questions in advance?  You could focus all your efforts on what works.  You would not need to be concerned about what doesn’t work, at all!

For example, some people say you “must have” a short domain name that ends in dot com!  You know, Google.com, Yahoo.com, CNN.com, Facebook.com or Twitter.com,  We all know these names, but does that make a difference in our smaller websites?

Yoda is Wise

Yoda is wise, and Yoda will tell you, through me, what works, and what doesn’t work.

In case you are wondering, Yoda knows of a website, that a guy is earning about 41 to 42 Thousand Dollars a month with.  That is a million dollars every 2 years!  His domain name is just 3 letters shorter than this one.  Truthfully, if you are on your own computer, you do not type in domain names any more.  Even of you are in an Internet café, most people search Google and then just click, click, click!

The “Short Dot Com” advice got started before there was any search engine, before computers had any mouse, or trackball, or eraser-head pointer.  Before you could store a link in your book marks, or personal online links page.  Before you could put all your bookmarks on a flash thumb drive, in your pocket, so you could bring all your links with you to an Internet café!  Back when people actually had to type the domain name EVERY TIME.  Back in the day … it was good advice.  Today, the good advice, What Works, is very different.

Yoda Knows

Yoda knows all this because he has watched it for 40 years!  So when you see on this site what works and what doesn’t work, then you will know it will work for you too.  When you see some tip or note, it is like reading what Yoda Says!

Take a word from the wise!  Now that you know who Yoda is!

Be mindful of the living Force, my young Padawan.
~ Qui-Gon Jinn ~