I am mme…

Hi I am mme! In case you cannot pronounce mme, think about the sound a house cat makes…


Mmeow!  For those that like cats, it is a sweet sound indeed.  However… “ow”, according to Merriam-Webster, is “—used especially to express sudden pain”, like when a cat scratches you!  I don’t like pain, so I dropped the “ow” in mmeow, and ended up with just mme

Filipinos do not say “ow” they say “a guy!”  Why do we say “a guy?”  Really I do not know…  I guess we could change the language and say “a girl” or even “a gay!”  Maybe this is because there are so many Filipinas (Babae or girls) compared to the number of Filipinos (Lalaki or boys), and so the majority feel that most pain is caused by “a guy” – that is just a speculation by Yoda, my guy!

Now some people think of mme being a pseudonym, and others think of mme as a acronym.  There are some that think of mme as just a funny way to spell me (funny that they do sound the same!).  Others go as far to think of mme as a backronym or “reverse acronym.”  However, this is just silly.  I am just mme!

Nonetheless, I do feel I should defend myself against the onslaught of people who really do not know mme. I therefore answer each and every point they make about mme


Now you will have to decide if “backronym” is actually a word. (that’s the Merriam-Webster dictionary for the under informed) doesn’t think backronym is a real word.  However, Wikipedia does!  So I guess that leaves it up to you to decide for mme!

Here is what I think Backronym means!

Nonetheless, if I really wanted to use a backronym, wouldn’t I have chosen something better like “BLOG” (B.L.O.G.) and called my site the Blinding Light Of God!  However, www.BlindingLightOfGod.Com cost too much, and I heard that Achmed the Dead Terrorist (or perhaps Jeff Dunham) wanted to use that backronym (except he would have to change it to B.L.O.A. and that does not make as much sense). Anyway Yoda is both a fan of Achmed, and very afraid of him too.

So I think that…

I have proven that a “backroym” does not apply to mme.


Now if I just wanted to talk about me, why would I talk about mme? That is almost as crazy as some of Weird Al Yankovic’s music (Yoda is a fan of his too!).   Just consider that every extra “m” those Internet companies charge mme for!  Think of all the money I could save if I just wrote mme as me!  I’ll byte, why would anyone want to suggest this about mme?

Me is just not mme!

I am mme!


Then there are those people who think that Money Making Entrepreneur is really mme! Now I have always admitted and acknowledged that I am the Money Making Entrepreneur.  However, suggesting that I chose the acronym of Money Making Entrepreneur for mme, I mean as my name, is just as insane as using a backronym like “BLOG” or “BLOA” (see above)

For The Record … I only use the acronym for Money Making Entrepreneur as the acronym for Money Making Entrepreneur sometimes, but it is not the name of mme!

The acronym of Money Making Entrepreneur…

… is not (always) the name of mme!


For those that think of me as a pseudonym, let’s be a little logical (if that is possible).  Can’t you be a little more imaginative?  Why not anyone of the following pseudonym?  Like Fake Steve Jobs, Fake Bill Gates, Fake Precila Andes, Fake Achmed the Dead Terrorist (or perhaps Fake Jeff Dunham) or even Fake Weird Al Yankovic?

I mean really, isn’t this going a little bit too far.  There are already plenty of Fake Bill Gates and Fake Steve Job’s.  Don’t believe mme? Look at the original  As if that Fake Steve Jobs was not enough, there is also and  My friend actually thought was some kind of employment agency!  You know you have see those places like Steve’s Burgers, where the guy who works there is always named “Steve” – that is a Fake Steve Job, right?

I cannot even figure out who a Fake  Precila Andes would be?  If I wanted that, why not just be a Real one?  You have heard of the Andes, right?  It is like, the biggest mountain range in the world, or in Peru, or someplace like that!  So if it make you happy, maybe just assume (ass·u·me) I am real.

Believe it or not, I am real, I am the real mme!

As for the Fake Achmed the Dead Terrorist (or perhaps Fake Jeff Dunham) or even Fake Weird Al Yankovic?  Who would even want to be one of them?  A dummy, a ventriloquist  and a comedian singer with lyrics like:

You drilled a hole in my head
Then you dumped me in a drainage ditch and left me for dead

I’ve got a funny feeling you don’t love me anymore!


It sort of reminds me that America once had Honest Abe Lincoln, Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs and Bob Hope. Now they have “Dis” Barack Obama, No Cash, No Jobs and No Hope.

I miss those guys.  By the way this comes from a website that bills itself as “the only REAL Barack Obama Jokes Website”.  However my friend from America informed me that all Barack Obama Websites are a Joke, so I am not sure???

Anyway, all this proves I am not using a pseudonym for mme, not even the Fake Barack Obama!


I am not a pseudonym, I am the real mme!


While defending myself against this ruthless and cruel onslaught of speculation about why I am mme, I happen to discover that mme or Mme. is the abbreviation for madame (\mā-ˈdäm, -ˈdam\ —used as a title equivalent to Mrs. for a married woman not of English-speaking nationality).  I guess madame may, in some ways, apply to mme. Would that make me Mme. Mme?

Heaven Forbid!

Truthfully, I am really just mme!

My Skill Level

When I started, I knew Nothing about computers!  Yoda told me to grab the mouse and I looked on the floor!  How was I supposed to know it was this palm sized piece of plastic with a wire on it!  I actually thought a mouse was a little rodent with fur!

I had another setback also, I did not speak English.  Ok, maybe I knew 50 words or something, but I really did have a hard time even putting together simple sentences.

So as you can see, I really was much worse than you.  If your are reading this you already have better skills.  I mean, perhaps, you already know…

  • More English than I knew!
  • How to make a sentence in English.
  • How to turn on a computer.
  • How to use a mouse.
  • How to log in and check email.
  • How to type with two fingers (Yoda actually types with 4 fingers, 2 on each hand, and uses his right thumb for the space bar!), but I still type best with just two fingers, the index finger of each hand!

My Life Before

I was lucky enough to grow up on a small, rural farm.  Somewhere in my mid 20’s, I am very proud to say, I did graduate from High School.  For those not in the Philippines, that means 10 years of schooling, because our grade school here is only six years long.

I learned the two local languages (Bisaya and Subanin) easy enough, and tried to learn the national language (Tagalog) in school.  As for English, I knew a few words.

I had some rough spots in life, and was blessed with three wonderful children as a single mom.  I love my kids!

That is when, over 30, I happen to have the good fortune to meet Yoda (now that is a pseudonym).  There is a whole page about Yoda, but in a nutshell I call him Yoda because he is so wise, as well as smart!  He is actually a certified genius, and best of all he loves me!

Well Yoda, being some kind of software guru, decided to teach me both English and also about the Computer!  And now I am teaching this to you!

My Plan For Action

My plan was rather simple at first… To use as much English as I could, and then to try to absorb even a small fraction of what I knew Yoda could teach me.  Remember, I live in the Philippines.  There are people here who speak English, like in every country, but most people here speak Bisaya, Cebuano, Tagalog and like that.  Not English!  So I looked for people to speak English too, including my kids who were studying it in school.

I determined to use the best English I can.  Still, Yoda gives me a funny look sometimes when he has to “interpret” the English I spoke to him!  Computer tools help write my website, they have spell checkers and grammar checkers too.  Then I have a good friend read it over carefully, someone with a better understanding of English than I have, to do the best I can… And I never stop learning English words, and their usage!

Now English is sort of important to a Philippine Money Making Entrepreneur, like myself.  The reason is rather simple, Google does not have ads in the Cebuano language.  If you want to be an Entrepreneur, and be Money Making, you need to write in one of the languages they support.  These include German or Spanish or in my case, English.

After I learned some English (if you know how to carry on a simple conversation in English, you are way ahead of me!), then I learned a little more about the computer, and now I am becoming a “local expert” on my own. A local expert is just someone who knows more than you!  Well, at least I can post a page like this!

You can be a successful
Money Making Entrepreneur!

You Can Be A Success

After reading about mme, it should be clear to you, that if I can be a success at this, you can be a success too!