Mission Statement

“My Mission is to help you become a
Money Making Entrepreneur!
Without so much trial and very little error,
using a ‘what works’ approach,
from a real Internet expert.

Vision Statement


This how-to guide is for YOU! For you and for your family!  It does not matter if you are a Filipino or not, if you live in the Philippines or not.  No matter where you are reading this, this guide is for YOU!

The Vision I started with for the Money Making Entrepreneur website, was to be a down to earth “how-to” guide for Filipinos all over the world.  So they could earn a good living on the Internet, and then choose for themselves if they would like to work at home, or abroad.

However, this guide can be used by anyone, in any country, to build and earn a successful income.  YOU can become a Money Making Entrepreneur, like me, by following the simple and easy steps, given to you on this website.

Overseas Filipino Workers are so common, all over the world, that the initialism “OFWS” (or OFW’s) is able to stand on its own in many languages.  It would be nice to allow those who would like to work at home, and still earn a good living, to do so.  In that regard, our vision is about building the Internet, as well as building up individuals and families.

Part of our vision is the “What Works” approach.  Most sites, that even touch on this topic, usually either copy from each other, or copy from some “expert” who has no actual success at all!  I see so much wrong advice, that the wrong advice is more than what works.  So our vision is to provide the highest quality “What Works” information, so you can become a success, faster than ever before.

The main key to success is Content (Information, give a how to or solve a problem!).  I will help you to express your passion, and share your bliss with others.  Doing it in ways that will be making you real money! I want to be your partner, to help you help others.  At the same time, to help you help yourself, and your family too!

Welcome and enjoy your adventure,

mee, the Money Making Entrepreneur