Come on… Face the facts… Say it out loud…

“I Need More Money!”

Well you are in luck, because the Money Making Entrepreneur is about YOU, Making Money, for FREE!

Now ask yourself, why would anyone want to give away the secrets of Making Money?  If you say they wouldn’t, you are probably correct.  Most people who really Know the secrets of being a Money Making Entrepreneur would never tell you how they did it!  In fact they would guard that secret very closely!  That makes a market for all the con-artists to sell you all kinds of worthless get rich schemes and so called “Money Making” ideas that are only designed to make money for the seller.  In other words, they are designed to put your money in their pockets!

Why I Work for FREE!

So why am I doing this and charging you nothing, simple, I want to help you!  Here is the story… A guy I will just call Yoda, has been a Money Making Entrepreneur for about Fifty Years!  He is not starving to death, in fact right now Yoda is trying to lose some weight!  I met Yoda about Eight years ago and I liked him so much I decided to keep him forever!  Now I have three kids and I was so glad that Yoda took and interest in raising them with me.  In fact, last year two of my kids came down with the dreaded Dengue Fever, and Yoda put them in the hospital and made sure they got well, 500 other families had the added expense of a funeral.

So I was happy becoming Yoda’s wife and over these years, I was fascinated watching how Yoda Makes Money!  Like that James Bond quote, “I take pleasure in great beauty”, Yoda Makes Money doing what he enjoys!  He simply enjoys his passion, he calls it “bliss” and I believe hims because there are times he loses all track of time!

Just picture that, he makes money doing what he enjoys the most in life!  That is what MME is all about.  Helping you make money doing what you enjoy!


So why do I do this for free?  Well I discovered, a few years ago, that I could also do what Yoda does, “use the force Luke!”

(Note: You may have guessed that we are avid fans of both Star Wars and 007 ~ Bond, James Bond!)

The force is with me and I discovered that other people could use the Force to Make Money too!  Now I was born in a third world country, the Philippines.  “Third World” as any one can tell you means “poor!”  Now I have never thought of myself as poor (Yoda’s dead wife, before I knew him, told him, “We aren’t poor, we eat three times a day!”).  However, by standards in America, I guess you would say I started life in a poor family.

So that is my reason.  I want my family and friends and neighbors and my country to prosper.  Of course this will work just as well in America or any other country also!  However, you have to come to the point of knowing that you need more money, and that a little…

Greed Is Good!

Ok, we all know that greed is bad.  However, we have mostly all seen the greed is good video clip and wondered to ourselves if maybe a little greed is actually good.  In case you don’t remember it, watch this short clip before continuing…

“Greed Is Good!”

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much.

What we all know that a little “greed is good” as long as it is not out of control!  Greed for life, greed for love, and greed for knowledge are not what we usually call greed.  We call those passion, bliss, dedication or devotion.  Truthfully there are two kinds of greeds.  The former is constructive and the latter is destructive.  The one seeks to help, the other to hurt.  Which kind of greed do you have?

Money Making Entrepreneur

Money Making Entrepreneur is all about the first, constructive greed, the greed for life, love, knowledge, or whatever your passion is.  You are here because you Need Money! You are here for the right reasons and therefore, I am willing to help you, for FREE!


Money Making Entrepreneur is about YOU!

Money Making Entrepreneur is about YOU!

Your passion, your bliss, your knowledge, your website and your money making experience as an entrepreneur.

Even though all the examples here are given about mme, the Money Making Entrepreneur! They are just examples, to show you what you can do!  I know you can do this because I know what my skill level was. Because you are reading this, I know you have a lot more skill than I had.  So because I was a success, you can follow this example, and be a success too.

You Can Be A Success Too!


By embracing what you really love, you can make money!  You can have a business that will meet your needs.  You can become a Money Making Entrepreneur, just like mme.

To help you better understand, what this can do for you, you should read the page about mme.  Then you should read my Mission Statement.

“My Mission is to help you become an Money Making Entrepreneur,
without so much trial and very little error,
using a “what works” approach, from a real Internet expert.


My Vision Statement is on the same page as my Mission Statement.  Then you should read about Money Making Online Conventions.  Finally, you could read about Yoda, my resident expert!

The next step is just to begin, have fun, and enjoy your passion and bliss!