Money Making Entrepreneur!

2014 is an exciting year!  Starting in February, I (Lan) turned 60.  Wow, I have been writing Internet computer code since before the Internet was called the Internet!  (Over four decades now!)  The Money Making Entrepreneur is also being completely rebuilt and updated!

The Money Making Entrepreneur was started by Lan, as a teaching tool for his student.  Lan would tutor her and she would make the site.  However, she went off to Australia to marry some rich sheep farmer!  So the Money Making Entrepreneur was not updated.

On the other hand, many of you expressed appreciation for this site, as a tool to become your own Money Making Entrepreneur with your own website (nobody says “blog” or “blogging” anymore).  A website is much more than a simple blog, like Blogger offers.

So I have decided to go through, page by page, and correct the instructions for YOU, the Money Making Entrepreneur.

There are some dead links, as well as examples that just do not apply anymore.

Note: Please do not try to start your Money Making Entrepreneur website on Blogger (“blogspot”) or  It is very hard to do, it won’t last long there, it is near impossible to make a good income there, and it will bring you many, many hours of frustration and headache ~ but of you are not trying to make a profit ~ I would suggest is better than Blogger.

There is better SEO information, for the Google Hummingbird age.  There are simple examples, to bring you from a Newbie to an Expert Website Admin and Internet Author.

This website will take you by the hand and teach you the truth about being a successful Money Making Entrepreneur!

Best of all, now that I am actively rebuilding this website for YOU, I plan to add a new article every week or two.  To give you greater depth of knowledge into the tips, tricks, tweeks and joys of being a successful Money Making Entrepreneur!

Note: Below this line is the start of the old site… still written by my student…

Define your life and become the person that you want to be as a Money Making Entrepreneur. Learn the simple tips, tricks and advice that helped me change and mold my life into what I am today. Believe me when I tell you… If I can do it, so can you!

The Money Making Entrepreneur website is being developed to help YOU!

We want to help you bring your passion and your bliss to others.  At the same time, we want to teach you how to earn some money doing it.